Since 1987 the AEF has been Ashland’s behind-the-scenes, private place to which those in need have been able to turn for help.

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Ashland Emergency Fund

AEF Mission

To provide temporary financial support to Ashland Massachusetts families and citizens in need.

AEF Objectives

  • To provide emergency financial support for citizens of the Town of Ashland, who find themselves in need, who are unable to resolve that need without assistance, and who are unable to quickly get that emergency assistance from State, Federal or other sources;
  • To create a permanent fund from which moneys may be drawn to meet the emergency requirements of individuals and/or families living in Ashland;
  • To establish an association of individuals able to respond rapidly to emergency situations for which the Emergency Fund itself may not have adequate resources; and
  • To create a heightened sense of responsibility within the community of our duty to support our neighbors in need.

The AEF uses donations to ...

• Put food on the table

• Put heating oil in the tank

• Pay electric bills

• Pay gas bills

• Buy medicine

• Pay short-term housing costs

• Cover burial expenses

• Assist in major medical events

• Assist in disasters, accidents, and other personal traumatic events

100% of donations are distributed to those in need. The AEF is a genuine charity, no overhead, no operating costs.

The Ashland Emergency Fund (AEF) is a charity providing financial assistance to recipients according to need, typically on a one-time basis. AEF support may continue until relevant assistance from state agencies is in place or until the crisis passes. Medical, heating, electric, rent and food are among the expenses for which the AEF offers support. And, any Ashland resident can qualify: those receiving assistance are our neighbors and friends.

The Ashland Emergency Fund was incorporated in 1987 to assist townspeople who unexpectedly face financial challenges for which they have no realistic solution. Since its founding, the charity has given approximately $1,000,000 to over 1750 Ashland citizens. Many of our friends and neighbors have benefited directly from the existence of the AEF. Expenses are covered and gifts are made with no strings attached and with no PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE of who the recipients are. The AEF is Ashland's behind-the-scenes, private place to which those in need have been able to turn for help.

In our giving it is all of us who receive.

(The AEF is an IRS-recognized, tax deductible charity - #22-2959481)